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Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) Badminton Club was found in 2001 aiming to organize regular badminton practice for its members, promote this Olympic game as a means of recreation and friendly competition, assisting students, staff, faculty and others who are interested in to develop their badminton skills, and participate in intramural and extramural tournaments. Ole Miss Badminton Club is also a good place to socialize with other like-minded people.

For those who have played badminton before and wish to improve their skills we offer the chance to play in competitive matches. For the beginners we provide an environment in which all can learn the basic techniques and further develop their expertise. Our club officers and advisors are always willing to provide advice to new members.

We meet three times a week. The first session is reserved for beginners, and they receive instruction from the veteran players, the second session is for more experienced players only, and finally the third session is for both veterans and beginners.

In addition to regular practice, each year we have two intramural tournaments and 3-4 extramural tournaments, which are sponsored by the organizations of the University of Mississippi (Department of Campus Recreation, Office of International Program, etc.)

2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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