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Badminton Etiquettes on the court

  • In a doubt of determining shuttlecock landing (IN or OUT), call it in favor of your opponent OR call  for a re-serve. Do not create extensive arguments with your opponent for a point in such situation and try for friendly settlement.


  • Respect other people playing in their courts and never intercept into a game in play.


  • When practicing, always try to share court with another 3 players (4 in a court), manage time of play and take turns when you finish a game.


  • During a doubles match Communicate with your double partner verbally or non-verbally when playing, appreciate his/her achievement. Call for “IN”/ “OUT “if you can clearly judge (especially when receiving the service).


  • Be Nice to your doubles partner even if he/she not performing in the level you expect. Kindly share your experiences and techniques before or after the match. Reviewing a lost game and sharing thoughts will be more efficient way of improving your doubles game.


  • When playing a center court stroke (shot), watch your partner’s movements Call “Ok” when you can take the shot in and play to avoid collisions.


  • If there is no Judge (Umpire) assigned for your match call out the score before you serve and keep counting. 


  • If you were chosen to be the Judge (Umpire) for a match, please be responsible about keeping scores and decisions you make. If necessary, ask for line judges to determine IN/OUT. Speak out scores loud as you can. Stay unbiased even your team involved in the match,


  • Pick the shuttlecock landed on your side and pass to the opponent if (s) he is the server.


  • Wait until your opponent is ready before you serve. If you are the receiver, give sign your opponent (server) when you need some time to be ready to receive service. Do not take a long waiting time to get ready for the service.


  • Do not smash at your opponent's body aggressively or intentionally when you can get the point easily by placing the shuttle by another stroke.


  • Thank your opponent after a game (verbally / hi five / hand shake). Cheer the opponent even he/she/they beat you.


Source : Badminton Basics Training Manual 

2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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