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Ole Miss Badminton Club
Intra-Club Team Challenge - 2013



Dates:  16-27 October, 2013.

Time: Regular Practice Time (Sun, Wed, Fri)  [Schedule]

Format : Teams [4 Doubles (MD,MX), 5th game Singles] [Rules]

Venue : Court 1  Turner Center, University MS 38677

Participants : OMBC Members, Faculty, Staff, Student [Team List]

Ole Miss Badminton Team Challenge 2013 - Results[top]

Final Points Table

Winners : Team D & Team A

Full match records >>> 

Team member List

(* Team Captains) [top]

Team A
1 Xiaobo Chao *
2 Shawn Chao
3 Maheesha Tennakoon
4 Saminda Adikaram
5 Shubham Kumbhar
6 Liem Tran
Team B
1 Yan Ding*
2 Nuwan Kothalawala
3 Ping Li
4 Nikhil Bansal
5 Nick Dugan 
6 -
Team C
1 Erwin Mina*
2 Azad Houssain
3 Xiaoyun Howard
4 Sasa Koic
5 Tamjeed Azad
6 Tony Ly-Ha
Team D
1 Samarth Solanki*
2 Hongkai Liu
3 LiHsein Chou
4 Upul Hewamanna
5 Ukesh Koju
6 -
Team E
1 Sumudu Tennakoon *
2 Tuan Ta
3 Francois Cotiche
4 Ian Hominick
5 Chamil Jayaratha
6 -

Schedule [top]

Regular Practice Hours

Competition Rules [top]

Badminton Rules


‚ÄčTeams, Team Captains, and Team Members:

  1. There will be 5 teams with 5-6 members per team. There will be a Team Captain and a Vice Captain for each team.
  2. Those teams will play each other as team games (consist of 2 MD, 2 XD and 5th Single event). 
  3. Team captains have the freedom to schedule and arrange their games with mutual agreements as their team players available..
  4. Late sign-up players are put on a wait list and will be assigned to teams when a team spaces are available. Club members should be a priority in that case.
  5. Team captains should make sure every player in your team has finished the DCR Individual Paperwork Packet since it is a requirement for participating in the club competition.


  1. A team member can participate a maximum of 2 events in a team game and each player plays at least one game in a team game. (No bench players please ;) )
  2. Points: Winning of a doubles event (MD & XD) counts 2.0 points and winning by a single event count 1.0 points.
  3. Singles event to be played by a beginner level player or new member from each team.
  4. Champion, Runner-up and 3rd Place teams will be decided by overall winning points (accumulated). If the best 2 teams have same accumulated points, extra team game is to be held to determine the winner.  If there are more than 2 teams have same accumulated points, winner is decided by: (1) net winnings of sets if they are still tied, (2) accumulated set points if still tied.
  5. The competition starts on Wednesday, October 16th 2013 and holds on each practice session, and extra days will be used if necessary . All team matches should be concluded by Sunday, 27th October 2013.


Equipment [top]

  • The club will provide Touranamnet Grade YangYang 300B Feather Shuttlecocks for the competition.
  • The club has limited number of rackets to share and team members are encouraged to have their own rackets or arrange club racket by talking with their team captains before participating matches


Champion and Runner-up teams will be awarded with a badminton souvenir.


2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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