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Intra-Club Team Challenge - 2014



Dates:  12-26 October, 2014

Time: Regular Practice Time (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri)  [Schedule]

Format : Teams  [Rules]

Venue : Court 1  Turner Center, University MS 38677

Participants : OMBC Members, Faculty, Staff, Student [2014 Team List]

Ole Miss Badminton Team Challenge 2014 - Results[top]

Points Table

Best Double Pairs

2014 Team member List [top]

(C) Team Captains,  (A) Team Advisors

Team A
1 Chamil Jayaratha (C)
2 Dr. Azad Houssain (A)
3 Sumudu Tennakoon
4 Jam Shahzaib Khan
5 Rohith Annavarapu
6 Sungi Lee
7 Dalny Ruel
Team B
1 Abhay Sharma (C)
2 Dr. Yan Ding (A)
3 Kei Mamiya
4 Praneeth Manda
5 Ajay Sharma
6 Maheesha Tennakoon
7 Sera Park
Team C
1 Hongkai Liu (C)
2 Dr. Lei Cao (A)
3 Dr. Jiakang  He
4 Ukesh Koju
5 Nikhil Bansal
6 Xiaoyun Howard
7 Kim Gilwon
8 Daseul Kim
Team D
1 Liem Tran (C)
2 Dr. Xiaobo Chao (A)
3 Tuan Ta
4 Taejin kim
5 Upul Hewamanna
6 Aditya Khare
7 Thu-Uyen Mai isabella
8 Abbie Thornton
Team E
1 Shawn Chao (C)
2 Dr. Erwin Mina (A)
3 Wanwei Wu
4 Harshul Batra
5 Mainul Hassan
6 Tamjeed Azad
7 Ping Li
8 Jiyoung HEO

Schedule [top]

Regular Practice Hours (from 10/12 to 10/22)

  • Monday 6-9pm
  • Wednesday 6-9pm
  • Friday 6-9pm
  • Sunday 4-7pm

Team captains can schedule their matches according to availability of their players. 

Competition Rules [top]

Badminton Rules


‚ÄčTeams, Team Captains, and Team Members:

Purpose of the "Intra-club Team Challenge"

  • Main goal of having the competition is, giving our club members a chance to enjoy the sport by participating in a competition which will be a different experience from participating regular practices. This will be strictly a friendly competition.
  • Improve leadership, team building and teamwork skills of student members.
  • Enhance interaction and communication between club members while working together in a team with randomly assigned members. 
  • Break the gap between "Advanced" and "Beginner" / “new” players while making them interact closely to create a  good learning experience of new members.
  • Giving the opportunity to club members to face challenges in a competition while practicing good sportsmanship.


  • Tournament registration begins immediately and thirty priority will be given to  club members on first come first serve basis.


  • There will be five (5) different teams named A, B, C, D, E 
  • Every team must recruit members (on a random basis) meeting the following criteria
    • Student Member as the Team Captain
    • One Faculty/Staff member as Team Advisor.
    • At least one female player.
    • Minimum of six players.
  • Any participant can volunteer as Team captain or Advisor at the same time they register for the competition. If not enough members volunteered for those positions we'll be asking some experienced membrs to take those positions.


  • Ech team will play against each (league format) as team matches. 
  • A Team Match will consist of five events.
  1. 1st Men's Double : Best Men's double your team can present.
  2. 2nd Men's Double : 2nd Best Men's double your team can present.
  3. Women's Double : Must be women players.
  4. Mixed Double : Must not violate the rule a player can play maximum of two matches in each team game.
  5. Open Double : Players didn't play any above matches (idle players) must play this event. For teams having seven (7) players, a player in level B/C and didn't participate Men's double event can play this event*.
  • A player can play maximum of two (2) events in a Team Match (No bench players)
  • No player can repeat same event in a Team Match (e.g. A player can only play one Men's Double match not both in same team mach)
  • Every team member should play at least one (1) match in a team match.
  • Every individual match will count 2.0 points for winning team and 0.0 points for loosing team. Team rank will be decided at the end of the competition by total points.
  • Team captain will assign his team members to events listed above and meeting the conditions mentioned in front of the event. Members, please stay in touch with your team captain and schedule your individual matches in a time you are available.
  • Halfway team ranks will be declared based on points each team earned after matches on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. 
  • There will be a penalty of 2 points (deduction of 2 points from total points earned) to teams who does not complete half of their matches (10 matched) by Friday, October 17.
  • All team matches must be finished on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 and there will be a penalty of 2 points (deduction of 2 points from total points earned) to teams who does not fulfill this requirement.


Equipment [top]

  • The club will provide Tournament Grade Aeroplane Feather Shuttlecocks for the competition.
  • The club has limited number of rackets to share and team members are encouraged to have their own rackets or arrange club racket by talking with their team captains before participating matches


Champion and Runner-up teams will be awarded with a badminton gift.


2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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