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Club Officers - 2014/2015 Academic Year

President :

Sumudu Tennakoon

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Vice-Presidents :

Tuan Ta
Hongkai Liu

Treasurer :

Chamil Jayarathna

Secretary/Webmaster :

Maheesha Tennakoon

Committee Members:

Abhay Sharma
Liem Tran
Mainul Hassan
Sooyen Lee

Advisors :

Dr. Yan Ding
Dr. Xiaobo Chao
Dr. Ervin Mina

Past Committees (2014 Spring and before)

Members / Participants

​Photo courtesy : Dawn Dantzler

  Member List (2014-2015 Academic year)

  1.  Abbie Thoronton  [Student]
  2. Abhay Sharma [Student]
  3. Aditya Khare    [Student]
  4. Chamil Jayaratha    [Student]
  5. Dalny Ruel  [Student]
  6. Daseul Kim [Student]
  7. Gilwon Kim [Student]
  8. Harshul Batra [Student]
  9. Hongkai Liu    [Student]
  10. Jam Khan   [Student]
  11. Jiyoung Heo    [Student]
  12. Kei Mamia   [Student]
  13. Liem  Tran    [Student]
  14. Maheesha Tennakoon    [Student]
  15. Mainul Hassan    [Student]
  16. Micah Sockwell   [Student]
  17. Maisha Sadia    [Student]
  18. Nikhi Bansal    [Student]
  19. Praneeth Manda   [Student]
  20. Raviteja Chinnambeti [Student]
  21. Rohith Ganesh   [Student]
  22. Samarth Solanki    [Student]
  23. Sooyeon Lee    [Student]
  24. Sumudu Tennakoon    [Student]
  25. Sungi Lee   [Student]
  26. Taejin Kim   [Student]
  27. Thu-Uyen Mai   [Student]
  28. Tony  Ly-Ha    [Student]
  29. Tuan Ta    [Student]
  30. Ukesh Koju    [Student]
  31. Wanwei Wu    [Student]
  32. Xiaoyun Howard    [Student]
  33. Azad Houssein    [Faculty/Staff]
  34. Emily Zhang [Faculty/Staff]
  35. Erwin Mina    [Faculty/Staff]
  36. Haidong Wu    [Faculty/Staff]
  37. Ian  Hominick    [Faculty/Staff]
  38. Jiakang He  [Faculty/Staff]
  39. Lei Cao    [Faculty/Staff]
  40. LiHsein Chou    [Faculty/Staff]
  41. Xiaobo Chao    [Faculty/Staff]
  42. Yan  Ding    [Faculty/Staff]
  43. Zhiqu Lu    [Faculty/Staff]
  44. Ping Li    [Community]
  45. Shawn Chao    [Community]
  46. Upul Hewamanna    [Community]
  47. Tamjeed Azad [Community]

Past Members

  • Aik Min Choong (2003-2010)
  • Chung Yong Chan  (2006-2011)
  • Bruce Tuan  (2008-2012)
  • Podjanee Inthasaro  (2006-2011)
  • Jin Zhang
  • Wenxian Xu
  • Yilin Mao
  • Bo Fu
  • Sheng Liu
  • Lingzhi Sun
  • Amanda Heins 
  • Shan He
  • Xiaofei Nan 
  • Chuxin Guo
  • Poh Lee Cheah
  • Xiaozhong Wang
  • Adam Hawkins
  • Ahmed Kishk
  • Cassundra Turner
  • Francois Cotiche  (2013 Fall)
  • Lars Gö (2012 Fall)

Please let us know if your name is not listed or miscategorized in any of above lists

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2015 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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The University of Mississippi is a community of learning dedicated to nurturing excellence in intellectual inquiry and personal character in an open and diverse environment. As a voluntary member of this community:

  • I believe in respect for the dignity of each person.
  • I believe in fairness and civility.
  • I believe in personal and professional integrity.
  • I believe in academic honesty.
  • I believe in academic freedom.
  • I believe in good stewardship of our resources.
  • I pledge to uphold these values and encourage others to follow my example.