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Newcomers Badminton Tournament

September 2014 

Ole Miss Badminton Club is hosting a tournament to welcome incoming Freshmen class and Graduate students, Exchange students and Transfer Students of the year 2014.


Events and Awards

Men's Singles

  • Winner : Kei Mamiya

  • Runner-up : Praneeth Manda

  • 3rd Place : Taejin Kim

  • 4th Place : Jam shahzaib khan

Women's Singles

  • Winner : Sungi Lee

  • Runner-up : Thu-Uyen Mai Isabella

  • 3rd Place : Dalny Ruel

  • 4th Place : Abbie Thornton



  • Dates : September 22, 24 & 26 
  • Time: 5-8pm (flexible schedule for students having classes work, meetings ,etc.)

Please tell us about your availability when you fill registration form. We'll try our best to accommodate participant's preferred time within our time and space constrains. You may also communicate with us if you have any problem with scheduled dates and times.


Men's Singles

  1. Ajay Sharma
  2. Bumjoon Kim
  3. Jam Shahzaib Khan
  4. Kei Mamiya
  5. Khoi Nguyen
  6. Manjit Joshi
  7. Praneeth Manda
  8. Raviteja Chinnambeti
  9. Rohith Ganesh Teja Annavarapu
  10. Shuhei Kiyota
  11. Taejin Kim

Women's Singles

  1. Abbie Thornton
  2. Anne Spaller
  3. Dalny Ruel
  4. Jiyoung Heo
  5. Nawon Seo
  6. Sera Park
  7. Sungi Lee
  8. Thu-Uyen Mai Isabella

We provided

  • Shuttlecocks (Birdies)
  • Rackets for participants who don't have their own.
  • Basic training about the game and rules in two practice days before the competition and it is on participant's choice.

Who were eligible to participate

  • All Freshmen (Class of 2018)
  • All First-year graduate students
  • All First-year exchange/ IEP/ Transfer students

Participants no need to be Badminton Club Members. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about the competition or your participation.

Winners will be highly considered for recruitment of the Ole Miss Badminton Team to represent Ole Miss in outside competitions.

Have Questions  ? Contact Us


  • I am a beginner level player, can I fit in? Definitely you can fit in. This competition is only for newcoming students like you.
  • I am not aware of rules and basics. Can I participate? : You don't need to have prior experience about the game. Just come to our practice sessions on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday 6-7pm. We'll teach you basics and rules.
  • I don' have a racket. How can I play? Don't worry about that. we'll provide you rackets and shuttlecocks from the club.
  • I may not be available in all competition days and times. Can I participate?  Please contact us and let us know your availability. We'll try our best to schedule your games in your proffered time.
  • Do I need to be a Badminton Club Member to participate or do I need to pay a registration fee ? : No membership or registration fee required. This is our welcome event for newcoming students. Please come and enjoy.


2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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