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2011 Ole Miss Badminton Open Tournament

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2011 Ole Miss Badminton Open Tournament Participants [List]

Venue : Turner Center, University MS 38677 (3rd floor) Map

Date : April 9, 2011 (Click here for the Facebook Event)

Time: Registration - 9:00am,  Competition - 9:30am to 9:00pm (Saturday)

Participated Clubs:

  1. Emory University Badminton Club (EUBC)
  2. Little Rock Badminton Club (LRBC)
  3. Louisiana State University Badminton Club (LSUBC)
  4. Missouri Badminton Club (MOBC)
  5. Memphis Badminton Club (MBC)
  6. Rhodes College Badminton Club (RCBC)
  7. University of Tennessee (Knoxville) Badminton Club (UTKBC)
  8. Forest Badminton Club (Nottingham, UK) (FBC)
  9. Ole Miss Badminton Club (OMBC)


       Men's Singles Women's Singles
Champion Ekkachai Danwanichakul (MOBC) Anya Khvorostyanaya (LRBC)
Runner-Up Wei Liang Chua (Daryl) (EUBC) Victoria Bundy (RCBC)
3rd Place Alvin Billones (UTKBC) Tara Sripunvoraskul (UTKBC)
3rd Place Farhaz Nooralli (UTKBC) Tian Tian (LSUBC)
Consolation Hubert Chen (MBC) Philippa Warman (FBC)


       Men's Doubles Women's Doubles
Champion Ekkachai Danwanichakul & Hull Wu (MOBC) Anya Khvorostyanaya & Victoria Bundy
Runner-Up Hubert Chen & KC Lim (MBC) Penny Sun (MBC) & Xin Dang (OMBC)
3rd Place Edward Levin (EUBC) & Ravi (MBC) Elina Levin (EUBC) & Yang Liu (MBC)
3rd Place Kok Lin Tee & Kazutoshi Kuroda (MOBC) Teri Chu & Jennifer Lai (MOBC)
Consolation Leon Jang & Hao-Hsiang Chang (LSUBC) Philippa Warman (FBC) & Ping Li (OMBC)

Mixed Doubles
Champion Victoria Bundy (RCBC) & Hubert Chen (MBC)
Runner-Up Teri Chu & Hull Wu (MOBC)
3rd Place Jennifer Lai & Kok Lin Tee (MOBC)
3rd Place Anya Khvorostyanaya & Sen Lee (LRBC)
Consolation Yang Liu & KC Lim (MBC)

Registration Fee:

  • $25 (one event)
  • $30 (two events)
  • $40 (three events)

The organizer provides:

  • SHUTTLECOCKS Speed 77 (Aeroplane Elite Grade EG-1130 Feather Shuttlecock)
  • LUNCH & DINNER on Saturday for players

Tournament Prizes:


  • 1st place winner: $30 + Badminton Gift (worth $20)
  • 2nd place winner: $15 + Badminton Gift (worth $20)
  • 3rd place winner(two): $10
  • Consolation: $10


  • 1st place winner: $40 + Badminton Gift (worth $40)
  • 2nd place winner: $30 + Badminton Gift (worth $30)
  • 3rd place winner(two) $20
  • Consolation: $20

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