The University of Mississippi

2014 Ole Miss Badminton Open Tournament

with Complimentary Shuttlecocks, Food & Drinks

Ole Miss Badminton Open 2014

Photo memories of the 2014 Ole Miss Badminton Open Tournament  : [Photos]

Venue : Turner Center, University MS 38677 (3rd floor) Map

Facility : Six badminton courts created using 2" wide floor tapes in two college basketball courts

Date : Saturday, March 22, 2014 (Click here for the Facebook Event)

Time: Registration - Begins at 9:00am (Saturday)

Tournament - 9.15 am to 9:00pm (Saturday)


       Men's Singles Women's Singles
Winner Alvin Billones (UTKBC) Linxi Xia (CO)
Runner-Up Samarth Solanki (OMBC) Evi Bruster (VBC)
3rd Place Vulong Pham (CO) Xie Jing (RBC)
3rd Place Vikrant Vijay (LRBC) Polina   Timchenko (LRBC)
Consolation Winner Sumudu Tennakoon (OMBC) Maheesha Tennakoon (OMBC)
Consolation Runner-Up Hidemi Endo (USMBC) Janitha Gunatilake (RBC)


       Men's Doubles Women's Doubles

K.C. Lim (MBC) / Ravi Patwardhan (MBC)

David  Shaw (VBC) / Jia Gen Ea (VBC)

Linxi Xia (CO) / Maria Victoria (CO)

Runners-Up - Joint Winners - Shino Hayashi (MOBC) / Evi Bruster (VBC)
3rd Place Alvin Billones (UTKBC) / Lianshan Lin (UTKBC) June Xie (MBC) / Penny Sun (MBC)
3rd Place Haibo Zhang (RBC) / Thu  Dinh (RBC) Ping Li (OMBC) / Maheesha Tennakoon (OMBC)
Consolation Winner Wesley Lim (MBC) / Abhee Brahmnalkar (MBC) Lorrean Lim (MBC) / Silvia Zhang (GTBC)
Consolation Runners-Up Liam  Chew (MBC) / Shawn Chao (OMBC) Yinshu Wu (UAHBC) / Xiayuon Howard (OMBC)


Mixed Doubles
Winners David Shaw (VBC) / Evi Bruster (VBC) 
Runner-Up Vulong Pham (CO) / Maria Victoria (CO)
3rd Place Jin Lee (CO) / Xia Lin Xi (CO)
3rd Place Xinliang Huang (MOBC) / Shino Hayashi (MOBC)
Consolation Winner Thu  Dinh (RBC) / Jing Xie (RBC)
Consolation Runners-Up Hull  Wu (MOBC) / Maheesha Tennakoon (OMBC)

Participated Clubs

  • LRBC : Little Rock Badminton Club
  • RBC : Raider Badminton Club (Texas Tech.)
  • EUBC : Emory University Badminton Club
  • GTBC: Georgia Tech Badminton Club
  • USM : University of Southern Mississippi
  • CO : Clear One Orlando
  • VBC : Vanderbilt Badminton Club in Nashville
  • MOBC : Missouri Badminton Club
  • UMSL : University of Missouri Saint Louis Badminton Club
  • UTKBC : University of Tennessee (Knoxville) Badminton Club
  • UAHBC : University of Alabama (Huntsville) Badminton Club
  • OMBC : Ole Miss Badminton Club

Competition organizers will provided:

  • SHUTTLECOCKS  (BWF approved Tournament Grade)
  • LUNCH and DINNER on Saturday for participants


Tournament Format:

  • Brackets : Single Elimination (knockout) with consolation bracket for each event
  • Scoring System : Main Bracket : BWF rally point scoring system (21 points) best of 3, Consolation :  BWF rally point scoring system (15 points) best of 3 (except final)

We'll guarantee two or more matches for each participant in each event.


  • Winners, Runner(s)-up, 3rd Places, Consolation Winner : Trophies + Certificate 
  • Consolation Runner(s)-up: Certificate

We are currently working on some sponsorship and awards can be upgraded in a later time.


  • Morning ( 9am on wards) : Singles (Men's ,Women's)
  • Afternoon : Mixed Doubles
  • Afternoon/ Evening : Doubles (Men's, Women's)


Competition Coordinators

  • Sumudu Tennakoon 
  • Samarth Solanki (Sam)
  • Tuan Ta

Email : 











2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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