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2017 Ole Miss Badminton Open Tournament



2015 Ole Miss Badminton Open Tournament  memories (Photo Credit : Aditya Khare)

Venue : Turner Center, University MS 38677 (3rd floor) Map

Facility : Six badminton courts created using 2" wide floor tapes in two college basketball courts

Date : Saturday, April 22, 2017 

Time: Registration - Begins at 9:00am (Saturday)

Tournament - 9.30 am to 9:00pm (Saturday)

Invited Clubs :

  • MBC    : Memphis Badminton Club
  • WUSTL    : Washington University Badminton Club
  • APBC    : Atlanta Perimeter Badminton Club
  • VBC    : Vanderbilt Badminton Club, Nashville, TN
  • NBA    : Nashville Badminton Association
  • MSU    : Mississippi State Players
  • UW    : University of Wisconsin
  • PBC    : Paige Badminton Club St. Louis
  • OMBC    : Ole Miss Badminton Club
  • RBC    : Raider Badminton Club
  • Miami Badminton
  • UNA: University of North Alabama

Competition organizers provided:  

  • SHUTTLECOCKS Speed 77 (Tournament Grade)
  • BREAKFAST and LUNCH on Saturday for participants


  1. Mens Singles
  2. Womens Singles
  3. Mens Doubles
  4. Womens Doubles
  5. Mixed Doubles

Tournament Format:

  • Brackets : Single Elimination (knockout) with consolation bracket for each event, Round Robin for events with less than six (6) participants.
  • Scoring System : Main Bracket : BWF rally point scoring system (21 points), best of 3, Main Bracket : BWF rally point scoring system (15 points), best of 3.

We'll guarantee two or more matches for each participant in each event. 


  • TBD


  • Morning ( 9am on wards) : Singles (Men's ,Women's)
  • Afternoon : Mixed Doubles
  • Afternoon/ Evening : Doubles (Men's, Women's)


  • Please complete and submit by April 18th,  2017

Registration Fee:

  • $20 (one event)
  • $30 (two events)
  • $40 (three events)

Please make check payable to "Ole Miss Badminton Club" and Hand in to the welcome desk in the competition venue. Registration fee is non-refundable

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2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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