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Welcome to Ole Miss Badminton Club! Hope you would enjoy this Olympic sport and have fun with us. For your better understanding of our beloved club, please kindly follow Frequently Asked Questions.

Where could I meet with or find out more about Ole Miss Badminton C lub?

You always to welcome to meet us in our practice times and the events schedule is available on :

We also keep updating our;

Here are our club officers :

Who can join the club ?

Our club is a "student lead - student run" organisation/sports club governed under the Department of Campus Recreation (DCR) and Dean of Students (DOS) office. 

Students, Faculty/Staff members of the university are eligible to represent the club in competitions and participate our official club activities Families of official members, and community members are also welcomed to join the club and participate in our practice time and social events.

How can I join the club? 

  1. Please come to the Badminton courts (Court 1, 3rd Floor Turner center) during the practice time to participate practice our session
  2. Join the club in and electronically sign (1)Sports Club Code of Conduct, (2)Waiver and Release of Liability and the (3) Agreement to the Club Constitution (Required by the DCR – the Department of Campus Recreation) 
  3. Pay the Membership fee ($20 per fall/spring semester) within two weeks of joining the club. We will waive the membership fee for new student members in their first semester upon joining the club. All other members must pay the membership fee within two weeks they start practice in the semester. No membership fee for Summer but, a non-member who practice with the club must pay $10 participation fee for the summer (no exemptions).

Participants who don't fulfill above requirements will not be considered as club members and will be ineligible to use club benefits.

Does the club provide training ?

What if I do not have my own racket now?

  • So far there are 10 club rackets which can be borrowed by new members or participants for temporary use. However, the club members are encouraged to buy their own rackets, and the following websites are just for your reference. Check Vendors
  • Our club rackets are properly marked with a label and a green tape on the racket shaft. Please make sure all the club rackets to be kept in the club racket bag after use.

What equipment do I need beside the racket?

  • All of the badminton players are strongly encouraged to wear badminton/indoor court shoes (not basketball or running shoes) for self-protection and injury prevention.
  • Members can receive Replacement racket strings and grips for their personal racket  at no cost (FREE).

Do I need to pay for the racket string service?

  • Yes, even though the string is provided by our club; however, the repair-labor cost may be paid by the member who needs the service to the stringer (typical racket re-stringing cost is $15).
  • Please do not use this free service to rackets other than your personal racket.
  • Non-members can string their personal rackets paying $10 fee per racket to the club for the use of String machine and replacement strings. This is additional to the repair-labor cost.

Do I need to pay a membership fee?

Yes, the badminton club do collect membership fee of $20 in each regular semester (Fall and Spring); however, there are lots of benefits for the members who pay the dues.

1. Use of club practice time and participate special training sessions.
2. Receive free Competition-level shuttlecocks (birdies) for practice sessions
3. Use of club rackets.
4. Free supplies of racket strings and grip.
5. Reimbursement for the competition participation.
6. Club banquet (social event)

Membership fee is due from the existing member within first two weeks of the first practice day of the semester, and for new members it is two weeks after joining the club. Please feel free to talk with club officers if you have any concerns about paying the membership fee.

We will waive the membership fee for new student members in their first semester upon joining the club. All other members must pay the membership fee within two weeks they start practice in the semester. No membership fee for Summer but, a non-member who practice with the club must pay $10 participation fee for the summer (no exemptions).

Participants who don't pay the membership fee for the current semester will not be considered as club members and will be ineligible to use club benefits.


Is there any badminton activity beside the regular practices? 

  • Annual club competition Intra-Club Team Challenge. (previous event)
  • Intramural competition.
  • Our annual community event, the Ole Miss Badminton Open (previous event)
  • Special practice sessions/coaching camps.
  • Novices Competition (for beginners and newly joined members) (previous event)
  • We will be participating several extramural competitions in various locations like Memphis, St. Louis, Little Rock, Atlanta, MSU.

Does badminton club have club t-shirt?

Yes, we have club t-shirts you can buy for $15 each. Club members can get one T-Shirt for $10 in addition to their membership fee for the semester.  If you want to have one, please contact club officers if you prefer to have one. 

Club Policies and Operations Manual

Please read :

Contact Us

Pease do not be hesitate to let us know if you have any question or concern. Looking forward to seeing you on the badminton courts.


2016 Practice Schedule

Location : Turner Center (Basketball Court #1)


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