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(C) = Chairs of Committees

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Pearce Crosland Liberal Arts Student Affairs
Cameron Crain Liberal Arts Student Affairs
Michael Howell Liberal Arts Student Affairs
Ana Gayle Christian Liberal Arts Student Affairs
Rod Bridges Liberal Arts External Affairs (C)
Jake McClellan Liberal Arts Academics
Madeline Campbell Liberal Arts Academics
Emerson George Liberal Arts Infrastructure (C)
Thor Goodfellow Liberal Arts Academics (C)
Molly Edmondson Liberal Arts Academics
Mary Kate Berger Liberal Arts Athletics (C)
Jack Ely Liberal Arts Athletics
Will Boone Liberal Arts Athletics
Sam Hearn Liberal Arts Athletics
Justin Kilgore Liberal Arts Infrastructure
Christopher Newman Education Governmental Operations
Jesse Lang Education Athletics
John West Journalism Student Affairs
Michael Fertitta Journalism Academics
Jordan Wood Engineering Academics
Matt Froelich Engineering Athletics
James Parrett Graduate Governmental Operations (C)
Will Yoste Accountancy Student Affairs
Caroline France Accountancy Student Affairs
Kali Burney Applied Sciences Infrastructure
Cody Smith Applied Sciences Academics
Kirstie Montgomery Applied Sciences Infrastructure
Claire Waits Applied Sciences Infrastructure
Jacob Fiore Business Infrastructure
Chris Marshall Business Athletics
JD Roberts Business Athletics
Zach Harrington Business Infrastructure
Cody Welch Business Infrastructure
Craig Henry Business Infrastructure
Rachel Lee Pharmacy Athletics
Farjad Khan Pharmacy Infrastructure
Claire Carter Brown Infrastructure
Kate Aspinwall Crosby Student Affairs (C)
Madeleine Dear Crosby External Affairs
Vivian Paris Crosby Infrastructure
Brian Kates Campus Walk Infrastructure
Eloise Tyner Martin Governmental Operations
Lauren Vonder Haar Martin Infrastructure
Daniel Lindsey III Stockard Academics
Annabell McWherter Stewart Academics
Austin Dean Ridge North Governmental Operations
Hannah Haley Ridge South Governmental Operations
Austin Powell Ridge South External Affairs
Alyssa Wilmoth Lucky Day RC External Affairs
Lizzy Wicks RC South External Affairs
Paul Neubert Northgate External Affairs
Kyle Heath Kincannon Student Affairs
John Brahan At-Large Student Affairs
Amy Hall At-Large Governmental Operations
Preston Myers At-Large External Affairs
CJ Robinson At-Large Athletics
Nolon Blaylock At-Large Athletics
Luke Love At-Large Infrastructure