The Standards Board application has passed and the applicants have been notified.

Job Description:

• There will be regular meetings.
• You will need to be available when you are called in for hearings.
• Members will help IFC Executive Council patrol houses during recruitment.


From the IFC Constitution:
Article XVI Judicial Code: Mission Statement: In an effort to keep fraternities in compliance with University rules and regulations, the IFC Judicial Board hopes to provide a system of controls within the fraternity system, help fraternities to resolve their own problem, and provide direction to fraternities through fair and impartial judgments. The philosophy of IFC Judicial Board is one of restorative justice. This board seeks to enforce sanctions that are aimed at fixing the source of the problem or problems. This allows sanctions to be constructive for both the community and the chapter.
A. Resolved, it is the chapter’s responsibility to monitor the activity of any person they invite onto their premises.
B. IFC Judicial Board
     1. The Judicial Board as will be chosen by the Vice President of Standards.
          a. The Judicial Board will consist of seven to nine active fraternity members.
               1. An effort must be made to have a diverse representation of chapters.


If you have any questions about IFC Standards Board, contact IFC at