Why Should I Join a Fraternity?


Greek life at The University of Mississippi has long been an integral part of the Ole Miss community. The Greek system at Ole Miss is one of the most respected in the country and we hope that you decide to become a part of it. The success of our Greek system can be attributed, in large part, to the high number of people who invest countless hours of time and effort into the overall well-being of our community as active members.

Currently at Ole Miss, there are 14 active fraternities and three colonies. These chapters all possess different strengths that make them unique. Chapter sizes range from 25 members to more than 200 members. Diversity is something we encourage for our chapters, and we feel that is our biggest strength. One fraternity’s strength may be another’s weakness, and that is why we stress there truly is a home for everyone. It is important that you, as a Potential New Member, approach recruitment with no preconceived notions towards one group or another. When ranking your fraternities during formal recruitment, it is vital that you use your experiences and yours alone.

As a Potential New Member, the Greek system can be intimidating. I’d like to remind you that fraternities are very competitive with each other. Part of this competitiveness carries over into the number of bids each fraternity extends to Potential New Members; as a result, many fraternities limit the bids they give out to those who show interest in their organization. Word to the wise: Even if you know which fraternity you prefer, keep it to yourself. Many Potential New Members approach recruitment with their sights set on one house, only to come up disappointed when a bid isn’t extended to them. They then find themselves with no other bids because they vocalized their intentions to only join one organization. So, in short, keep those options open and you won’t be disappointed!

The week of Formal Recruitment will be an experience you will never forget. This one week is the best opportunity of the year to meet people and potentially build friendships that last a lifetime.  Recruitment advisors are there to guide you and to answer any questions you may have. They can be a valuable resource when used. 

In closing, relax, be yourself, keep an open mind and enjoy your week. We are here if you ever need anything so don’t hesitate to contact us!




Sonny Beneke                                                                  Tripp McKemey

Vice President of Recruitment                                Vice President of Recruitment Advisors

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