Rebel Global Connections

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  • Category: Service/Philanthropic
  • Description: Rebel Global Connections aims to alleviate the problem of cultural isolation for elementary schoolchildren from high-needs districts by introducing them to a variety of cultures and languages from around the world through age-appropriate programming. RGC also combats the cultural isolation seen on college campuses by charging university students from a variety of backgrounds with the task of organizing and implementing the activities. Previously unconnected groups of students will work together as a group, and they will benefit from the task through language exchanges, networking, and service. Domestic and international college students and Mississippi’s elementary schoolchildren will gain an awareness of each other and the many opportunities the world has to offer through Rebel Global Connections.
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    • international
    • international students
    • international culture
    • culture
    • service
    • outreach
    • social
    • community
    • education

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