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Oxford/Lafayette Community Service Agencies

We would like to thank United Way of Oxford and Lafayette County for providing the following list of resources.

2010/11 Volunteer Opportunities for Lafayette County
Produced by Volunteer Connection (A service of United Way of Oxford & Lafayette County)

Volunteer Connection is a service of United Way whose mission is to promote volunteerism and community service, coordinate service projects to maximize community resources, create new and innovative ways volunteers can serve the community, and improve agency relations by developing mutually beneficial projects. This service is available to all individuals and non-profit organizations and other agencies in the community.

Agencies/Organizations Offering Volunteer Opportunities in Lafayette County

Ability Works 662-234-0857

Contact: Beverly Danahy, Evaluator, Marva Paul, Director, Sharon Young, New Facility Director 662-234-2723 ¨Email: bdanahy@mdrs.state.ms.us ¨Web: http://www.mdrs.state.ms.us/vrpage.htm

Provides evaluation & job training opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Contracts with local businesses to provide quality products & services while clients learn vocational skills in a real work situation. Can use volunteers who like: education & tutoring, helping disabled adults, mentoring, to hold mock interviews with clients, and job shadow a client.

American Heart Association 662-753-9969

Contact: Gay Smith, N MS Regional Director Email: gay.smith@heart.org Web: http://www.americanheart.org

Mission is to reduce disability & death from cardiovascular disease & stroke. Heart disease is the #1 killer in Lafayette Co. & the U.S. Can use volunteers who like: fundraising and newsletter/marketing/PR.

American Red Cross 662-236-1282

Contact: James T. “Bebo” Howell, Director Email: redcross@dixie-net.com

Provides relief to fire victims & victims of other disasters, disaster training, emergency communication active duty military & their families, health & safety programs training and disaster training, & international tracing & messaging. Can use volunteers who like: computer assistance, counseling, disaster response, education, fundraising, newsletter/publicity, office work, and volunteer training.

Azalea Gardens/Senior Living Community 662-234-9600

Contact: Martha Atleniak, Activities Director 877-309-9600 
Sandra Enfinger, Administrator
 Email: admin@azaleagardensslc.com 
Web: http://www.azaleagardensslc.com

Retirement community offers 80 apartments for assisted living senior adults. Services include emergency call systems, transportation, entertainment, & activities. Can use volunteers who like: to help with daily activities, bingo, weekly socials, presentations, and working with senior adults.

Baptist Home Care & Hospice 800-345-6928

Contact: Julie Wright, Volunteer Coordinator 
Email: Julie.wright@bmhcc.org

Home Care provides skilled nursing care, therapy, social work, & certified nursing assistants for ill, injured, elderly, disabled, or convalescing individuals in their own homes upon physician’s request. Can use volunteers who like: to help with holiday activities, office work, typing, filing, special projects, volunteer training, companionship, and spiritual counseling.

Best Friend Program (North MS Regional Center) 662-513-7684

Contact: B.J. Davis, Volunteer Coordinator
 Email: bdavis@nmrc.state.ms.us 
Web: http://www.nmrc.state.ms.us

Program, based on shared interests, was established to help provide community contact with NMRC clients, usually in the form of cards, email, taking walks, coaching, teaching & visits. Programs are designed to help clients achieve maximum levels of independence & self-sufficiency. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, helping disabled, holiday activities, accompanying clients on outings, and sports/recreation. Special Olympics and related activities.  

Boy Scouts, Yocona Area Council 662-202-6787

Contact: John Paul Nix, Chicksa District Executive 
Email: johnnix@bsamail.org 
Web: http://www.yocona.org

Youth-serving agency for boys from 1st grade to 21 years of age; also, girls ages 13-21. Has a proud tradition of preparing young people for leadership with character-building programs that instill timeless values. Can use volunteers who like: counseling, special projects, volunteer training, and building maintenance/construction.

Boys & Girls Club of North Mississippi
 Barksdale Clubhouse of the LOU Community 662-832-0602

Contact: Christy Grice, Director
 Email: cgrice@bgcnms.org
 Other Contact: Troy Trout, Chief Professional Officer—662-841-6504

Provides an after school program each weekday for youth ages 6-18. Mission is to inspire & enable all youth to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens. Can use volunteers who like: animals, arts & crafts, computer assistance, education & tutoring, holiday activities, mentoring, providing refreshments, sports, recreation, and volunteer training.

Bramlett Elementary School 662-234-2685

Contact: Karen Akey, Office Manager 
Email: kakey@oxford.k12.ms.us 
Web: http://www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/bramlett/

Public school serving grades pre-K-1. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, education & tutoring, holiday activities, providing refreshments, and yard maintenance.

Chamber of Commerce 662-234-4651

Contacts: Max Hipp, President
 Pam Swain, Vice President 
Email: pam@oxfordms.com 
Web: http://oxfordms.com

Provides programs & services to enhance the business climate and the quality of life in the community at large. Can use volunteers who like: office work, working with the retirement community, and Double Decker Spring Run.

Christmas Store 662-638-4133

Contact: Tom Kingery 
Web: http://olemissrotary.googlepages.com/Christmasstoredonations

A community-wide effort in cooperation with The Rotary Club of Oxford-Ole Miss and the Interfaith Compassion Ministry to share the job of Christmas giving by providing toys for children of eligible families in Lafayette County and Oxford who might not otherwise have Christmas. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, fundraising, holiday activities, and marketing/public relations.

Civil Air Patrol—Mississippi Wing (Steve Launius Squadron) 662-281-8194

Contact: Major Eric Hudzinski, Squadron Commander 
Email: ehudzinski@gmail.com

Performs missions for America such as U.S. Inland Search & Rescue.
Can use volunteers for help with disaster response, education, tutoring, mentoring, volunteer training, and youth leadership training.

Della Davidson Elementary School 662-236-4870

Contact: Dr. Martha McLarty, Principal 
Email: mamclarty@oxford.k12.ms.us
 Web: http://www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/ddes/

Public school serving grades 4 and 5. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, education & tutoring, holiday activities, providing refreshments, and yard maintenance.

Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, Inc. 601-957-7878

Contact: Irena McClain, N. MS Regional Manager or Email: irenamcclain@msdiabetes.org
 Web: http://www.msdiabetes.org

Provides hope through programs, research & services for all Mississippians from children to seniors, with diabetes. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, support groups, counseling, fundraising, medical intervention, marketing/PR, office work, special projects, and recreation. Help is needed with Mississippi’s Walk for Diabetes in October & Camp Hopewell during the summer and special events.

Domestic Violence Project 662-236-5026

Contact: Talunja Eskridge, Executive Director & Volunteer Coordinator 800-227-5764
 (Crisis Line) 
Email: familyviolence@hotmail.com Web: http://www.domesticviolenceprojectinc.com

Provides emergency crisis intervention, temporary shelter, in-house & outreach counseling, advocacy information (legal, financial, etc.) for victims of family violence. Can use volunteers who like: support groups, education & tutoring, crisis intervention, office work, transportation, and yard and building maintenance.

Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi 800-898-0291

Contact: Beth Scarbrough, Executive Director 
Email: bethmsepilepsy@bellsouth.net

Statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention & cure of seizure disorders, the alleviation of their effects & the improvement of quality of life for people with epilepsy. Can use volunteers at camp, to work on a fundraising golf tournament, help with puppet shows, children’s programs, and Dotty Day.

Exchange Club Family Center 662-234-4255

Contact: Fred Johnson, Director
 Email: fajohnson@ms.metrocast.net
 Web: http://www.stopchildabusenow.info

Works with families, first-time teen mothers & school-aged children to educate & attempt to reduce the risk of child abuse and also with youth in anger management sessions & with Grandparents Raising Grandchildren through a support group. Can use volunteers who like: support groups, fundraising, mentoring, and marketing/public relations. Volunteers are needed to help with SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) puppet shows. 

Family Crisis Services of NW MS 662-234-9929ʉ۬

Contact: Jennifer Milliner, Volunteer Coordinator
 Email: jennifermilliner@yahoo.com

Provides 24-hour crisis intervention, counseling, legal advocacy & referral for victims of child abuse, sexual assault, & friends & family of homicide victims. Provides comprehensive family services including support groups, and counseling. Provides prevention education throughout the community. Can use volunteers who like: support groups, counseling, education & tutoring, fundraising, crisis intervention, host family activities, marketing/PR, special projects, volunteer training, and prevention education.

Foster Grandparent Program 662-513-7766

Contact: Arledia Bennett, Director
 662-232-2773 Email: abennett@olemiss.edu

Provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for persons 60 years or older to render supportive services to children with special or exceptional needs; 20 hours per week with tax-free stipend, transportation allowance, insurance & noon meal. Can use volunteers who like: education & tutoring, helping individuals with developmental disabilities, and mentoring.

Girl Scouts Heart of the South 800-727-8104

Volunteer Contact: Lori Brougher 901-767-1440 
Email: lori.brougher@girlscoutshs.org

World’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls, where girls build character & skills for success in the real world and, in partnership with committed adults, develop strong values & conviction about their potential & self worth. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, sports & recreation, transportation, and volunteer training.

Graceland Care Center 662-234-7821

Contact: Ley Falkner, Administrator Email: falkner@gracelandcare.com

Resource for skilled and long term care. Also provides short term stays and all three disciplines of physical therapy for the outpatient. Can use volunteers who like: arts and crafts enrichment, counseling, holidays, host family activities, and mentoring.

Habitat for Humanity

Contacts: Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Drott 662-236-5966
 Saturday Lunch Coordinator: Julie Drott 662-234-2188
 Email: jdrott22@gmail.com
 Web: http://www.habitat.org

Builds decent, affordable housing. Deserving families are selected by need, willingness to devote “sweat equity hours,” & ability to pay an interest free mortgage. Can use volunteers who like: construction, providing lunch & refreshments, special skills projects, volunteer training, fundraising, and marketing/public relations.

Hermitage Gardens 662-234-8244

Contacts: Barbara McLaurin
 Emails: bmclaurin@5sqc.com, bchandler@5sqc.com

Assisted living residence for older adults which provides medication management, meals, laundry, housekeeping & a variety of exercise, art & spiritual opportunities with special unit for individuals with Alzheimer's related illnesses & adult day services & respite care. Can use volunteers to: help with activities, play bingo, visit one-on-one, help with special events, and serve as guest lecturers on any subject.

Interfaith Compassion Ministry 662-281-1002

Contact: Lena Wiley, Director
 Email: lena_wiley@bellsouth.net

Exists for the purpose of assisting people within Lafayette Co. through crisis situations by providing for their basic needs & the needs of their families. Can use volunteers who like: fundraising, holiday activities,office work.

International Programs, University of Mississippi 662-915-7404

Contact: Donna Chappell, Administrative Coordinator
 Email: oneworld@olemiss.edu
 Web: http://www.international.olemiss.edu

Provides services for international students, scholars & faculty including
incoming orientation, application & international document processing, &
special event programming. Can use volunteers who like: to host home stays or holiday stays, computer assistance, education & tutoring, food assistance, fundraising, holiday activities, host family activities, marketing/PR, office work, and special projects.

Lafayette County 4-H 662-234-4451

Contact: Margaret N. Webb, Extension Agent 4-H
 Email: mwebb@ext.msstate.edu
 Web: http://www.msucares.com

Work with youth 8-18 years of age. Through this leadership activity & hands-on programs, youth develop skills & abilities to become productive citizens of the county, state, & country. Can use volunteers to share their knowledge of animals, arts & crafts, holiday activities, office work, and other skills.

Lafayette County Literacy Council 662-234-4234

Contact: Susan Phillips, Director
 Email: literacycouncil@oxfordreads.org

Committed to raising the level of literacy in Lafayette Co. Mission is to promote literacy as a value in every family by providing free children’s books, parent education, & one-on-one tutoring. Helps people learn to read so that they can read to learn. Can use volunteers to read aloud to children & to help in other ways.

Lafayette County/Oxford Public Library 662-234-5751

Contact: Dorothy Fitts, Librarian 
Email: dfitts@firstregional.org 
Web: http://www.firstregional.org

Public library. Can use volunteers to serve as helpers during children’s craft programs, as hostesses for both children’s & adult events, for the library census four times per year, to make cookies & brownies, shelve books and donate popcorn for the popcorn machine.

Leap Frog 662-234-2411

Contact: Teresa Adams, Executive Director 662-801-9698 
Email: leapfrogdirector@gmail.com

After-school tutoring & enrichment program for 1st & 2nd graders serving students in 3 locations. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, education & tutoring, food assistance, fundraising, holiday activities, mentoring, marketing/PR , providing refreshments, research, special projects, sports/recreation, and providing transportation.

LIFE (Living Independence for Everyone)-Tupelo 662-844-6633

Contact: Michael Sullivan, Regional Director

Assists individuals with disabilities in living as independently as possible; dedicated to the empowerment of people with significant disabilities. Can use volunteers who like: support groups, counseling, fundraising, helping people of all ages with significant disabilities, office work, and make wheelchair ramps (will buy supplies).

LOU-HOME, Inc. 662-801-5280

Contact: Fred Laurenzo

Collaborates with governments, businesses, organizations, and citizens to increase the affordability of quality homes for citizens of Lafayette, Oxford, and University communities; also provides support and encouragement for successful ownership of these homes. Can use volunteers who like: fundraising, public relations/marketing, office work, and gardening.

Manna: A Feeding Ministry 662-234-1269

Contact: Jan Oller, Chaplin
 Email: cjmeadersiii@yahoo.com
 Web: http://www.stpetersoxford.org

Feeding ministry for less-fed residents and needy persons in Oxford. On most Thursdays, hot meals are prepared for dine-in or delivery by volunteers. Can use volunteers who like: food assistance, health/medical/crisis intervention, helping disabled children & adults, retirement community, transportation, to identify the less-fed and marginalized in the community.

March of Dimes 662-844-6901

Contact: Kelly Brewer, Division Director
 Email: kbrewer@marchofdimes.com
 Web: http://www.marchofdimes.com

Mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, pre-mature birth, and infant mortality. Can use volunteers who like: fundraising, marketing/public relations, special projects.

Mary Cathey Head Start - ICS 662-234-3230

Contact: Linda McAdory, Director
 Email: MaryCatheyHeadStartCenter@ics-hs.org

Quality preschool for ages 3-4, NAEYC accredited, serving ages 3-4, well trained staff providing age appropriate activities, offering dental & medical services. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, child care, education, fundraising, holiday activities, office work, providing refreshments, yard & building maintenance, and literacy projects.

Meals on Wheels 662-281-8383

Contact: Carolyn Brassell, Coordinator (8am-12 noon M-F)

Delivers meals to the homebound & elderly of Oxford-Lafayette Co.
Can use volunteers who like: to assist with food and meal delivery and help with food and activities at congregate meal site at Stone Center.

MS Dept. of Rehabilitation Services (
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind)

Contact: Jamilia Ivy, Independent Living Services Instructor
 Email: Jamilia.Ivy@mdrs.state.ms.us

Independent living services for the legally blind, 55 & older, including: skills training referrals & aids & appliances. Can use volunteers who like: helping disabled adults, helping with transportation, visiting, and reading mail.

More Than a Meal 662-801-4712

Contact: Kristy Bridgers Email: kbridgers@me.com

Mission is to help needy families in Oxford, MS, to get back on their feet by providing: nutritious meals served each Tuesday at 5:00 PM, in a courteous manner, in a pleasant environment; educational tutoring to school age children; and essential toiletries needed for health. Meals will be at the Stone Center on Washington Ave. Can use volunteers: to assist in meal service and tutoring.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) 601-982-5668

Contact: Tricia Raymond, State Executive Director
 Shantay Griffith, Youth Programs 
Email: tricia.raymond@madd.org; shantay.griffith@madd.org

Provides assistance to victims of impaired driving crashes; provides educational programs to middle and high schools, and Youth In Action Teams and a UMADD campus chapter. Can use volunteers who are: comfortable talking to people, willing to help with fundraising, committed to reducing impaired driving and underage drinking, and want to help with legislation and court monitoring.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society 800-344-4867

Contact: Angie Jackson, Development Coordinator 601-856-5831
 Email: angie.jackson@nmss.org
 Web: http://www.nationalmssociety.org/alc

Mission is to end the effects of multiple sclerosis by fundraising for MS Programs and research -- Walks in the spring, Bike ride in October. Can use volunteers who like: helping with education and fundraising. Office volunteers

North Mississippi Hospice of Oxford 662-234-0140

Contact: Patsy Rainey, Volunteer Coordinator
 Email: prainey@nmshospice.com

Provides specialized care for terminally ill patients & their families; goal of treatment is pain management & symptom control; services include nursing, social services, chaplain services, bereavement counseling. Can use volunteers: to assist with terminally ill patients & their families, companionship, support, entertainment, light housekeeping, errands, and clerical work.

North Mississippi Rural Legal Services (NMRLS) 662-234-2918

Contact: Catherine V. “Ginny” Kilgore
 Email: ckilgore@nmrls.com 
Web: http://www.nmrls.com

Provides free legal representation to low income & elderly individuals on civil matters. Can use volunteers who like: office work, research, and volunteer training.

Oxford Elementary School 662-234-3497

Contact: Evelyn Smith, Principal 
Email: esmith@oxford.k12.ms.us
 Web: http://www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/oes/

A National Blue Ribbon School serving students in grades 2 and 3. Can
use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, computer assistance, counseling, disaster response, education & tutoring, food assistance, holiday activities, mentoring, marketing/PR, office work, providing refreshments, grounds maintenance, and sports/recreation.

Oxford High School 662-234-1562

Contact: Bill Hovious, Principal 
Email: bhovious@oxford.k12.ms.us
 Web: http://www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/ohs/

Comprehensive public high school serving grades 9-12 . Can use volunteers who like: education, tutoring, and mentoring.  

Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society 662-236-7631

Contact: Hattie Alton, Development Coordinator 662-801-1141 
Email: info@oxfordpets.com
 Web: http://oxfordpets.com

Serves the citizens & animals of Oxford & Lafayette County; provides shelter & care to homeless animals; prevents animal abuse & neglect; pet therapy at nursing homes. Can use volunteers who like: to work with animals & to help with fundraising events.

Oxford-Lafayette Recycling 662-232-2745

Contact: Amberlyn Liles, Recycling Coordinator
 Email: amberlyn@oxfordms.net
 Web: http://www.oxfordms.net

Provides citizens with recycling services & makes community aware of recycling benefits to the environment & to the health of our citizens. Can use volunteers who like: helping disabled, office work, marketing/public relations, and cleaning.

Oxford Learning Center (Central Office) 662-234-3588

Contact: Dr. Charles Dodson, Director 
Email: cdodson@oxford.k12.ms.us
 Web: http://www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/learningcenter/text/lc.html

Alternative education program designed for at-risk youth who are either behind their peers academically or who have experienced behavior problems in the regular school setting. Can use volunteers who like: education & tutoring, mentoring, providing refreshments, and special projects.

Oxford Lions Club 662-832-3554

Contact: Reba Bland Contact for Eyeglasses: Rhonda C. Swider 662-513-5615 Fax: 662-513-5616 Email: oxfordlionsclub@hughes.net
 Web: http://www.lionwap.org/oxfordms

Gives assistance to sight and hearing impaired individuals, such as sight screening, donation of eyeglasses and hearing aids and collection of used eyeglasses for redistribution. Produces the annual Christmas parade and refers individuals for eye surgery. Can use volunteers to help with: food assistance, fundraising, health/medical/crisis intervention helping disabled children & adults, holiday activities, newsletter/publicity/public relations/marketing, and special projects.

Oxford Medical Ministries Clinic 662-234-1374

Contact: Marlene Bishop, Executive Director
 Email: marlenebishop@bellsouth.net
 Web: http://www.oxfordmmc.org

Free clinic serves the needs of the uninsured working members of Lafayette and Yalobusha Counties. Provides these individuals with access to community resources related to primary medical care. Can use volunteers who like: health/medical/follow-up, newsletter, publicity, public relations, marketing, office and computer work, clerical support and form completion.

Oxford Middle School 662-234-2288

Contact: Patrick Robinson 
Email: probinson@oxford.k12.ms.us
 Web: http:www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/oms/

Public school serving grades 6,7, & 8. Can use volunteers who like: education, tutoring, and mentoring.

Oxford Tourism Council 662-234-4680

Contact: Kinney Ferris, Office Manager 
Email: kinney@oxfordcvb.com 
Web: http://www.oxfordcvb.com

Enhances the quality of life & economic vitality of Oxford by promoting Oxford as a travel destination. Can use volunteers who like: tourism or working with Double Decker Festival.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) 662-232-2377

Contact: Arledia Bennett, Director 
Email: abennett@olemiss.edu
 Web: http://www.oxfordparkcommission.com

Places seniors (55 years of age and older) in community to utilize their talents; transportation (bus) for eligible seniors. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, education & tutoring, mentoring, and working with the retirement community.

Retiree Attraction Program, Oxford-Lafayette Co. Economic Development Foundation

Contact: Christy Knapp, Director
 Email: christy@oxfordms.com 
Web: http://www.retire.oxfordms.com

Markets Oxford-Lafayette County to potential retirees through various means & provides activities & group fellowship with other retirees through the Oxford Newcomers Club. Can use volunteers who like: marketing/PR, providing refreshments, working with the retirement community, and special projects.

Salvation Army 662-236-2260

Contact: Lisa Coleman, Director 
Email: lisa_coleman@uss.salvationarmy.org

Provides local residents with financial assistance for utilities, medication, & clothing; provides furniture & clothing for victims of fires & other emergencies. Can use volunteers: to help keep the store tidy and ring the bell during the Christmas season.

Scott Center 662-232-2860

Contact: Minnie Gates-Powell
 Email: mgates-powell@oxford.k12.ms.us 
Web: http://www.oxford.k12.ms.us/schools/scottcenter

Educational services for mentally & physically challenged students aged 3-21. Can use volunteers who like: education & tutoring, helping disabled children, holiday activities, mentoring, providing refreshments.

Special Olympics 662-513-7847

Contact: Terry Shinall, Area 4 Director 
Email: tshinall@nmrc.state.ms.us

Year-round sports training & programming for persons with mental retardation. Local, area, state, regional & international events; 24 sports. Can use volunteers who like: helping persons with developmental disabilities, special projects, sports/recreation.

United Blood Services 662-842-8871

Contact: Christy Scheuer, Donor Recruitment Rep.
 Email: ascheuer@bloodsystems.org 
Web: http://www.unitedbloodservices.org

Collects blood from volunteer donors to supply blood for all of Lafayette County and surrounding hospitals. Blood drives in Oxford will have varying times at each individual location. Can use volunteers to help with: fundraising, office work, providing refreshments, volunteer training, contacting donors, and organizing blood drives.

United Way of Oxford & Lafayette County 662-236-4265

Contact: Moni Reynolds, Assistant Director
 Email: unitedway.moni@bellsouth.net

Brings the community together to help those in need through an annual campaign to support local nonprofit agencies, serves as a resource in identifying & assessing community needs, provides information about community services, and promotes volunteerism. Can use volunteers who like: fundraising, marketing/PR, office work, and special projects.

Very Special Arts 662-513-7845

Contact: Duke Hussey, Festival Coordinator 
Email: dhussey@nmrc.state.ms.us

Promotes the creative power in people with disabilities through the fine arts. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, helping disabled, and special projects.

Veterans Home, State of Mississippi 662-236-7641

Contact: Shirley Glasgow 662-236-1218

150 bed long-term nursing facility that serves veterans and their spouses. Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts/enrichment, helping adults, holiday activities, providing refreshments, volunteer training, and 1-on-1 visits.

Yoknapatawpha Arts Council 662-236-6429

Contact: Wayne Andrews, Executive Director 
Email: yacoperations@gmail.com
 Web: http://www.oxfordarts.com

The official arts agency of Oxford-Lafayette Co., celebrates, promotes & provides access to the arts to all people; Can use volunteers who like: arts & crafts, computer assistance, fundraising, holiday activities, marketing/pr, office work, providing refreshments, special projects.

Volunteer! Get Connected!

A column in the Oxford Eagle each month lists current volunteer opportunities. (Usually published the last week of each month.) Contact Kathy Sukanek (662-236-4265, ksuwlou@bellsouth.net) to include your information in the Volunteer! Get Connected! column.

Need Help?

CALL 2-1-1 for statewide information and referral related to health & human services.

GET HELP finding Health & human Services throughout Mississippi by calling 2-1-1. Get help. Get Answers. Free. Confidential. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with highly trained information and referral specialists. A service of United Way and its partners.

Get Connected. Get Answers.

2-1-1 is an easy to remember phone number that connects individuals with resources in their community. With approximately 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the United States plus many government agencies, finding help can be confusing and intimidating.
2-1-1 centers are staffed by trained specialists who quickly assess the callers’ needs and refer them to the help they seek. The call is free of charge, available 24/7, with multilingual capabilities.

2-1-1 enhances public safety and crisis recovery efforts. The nation is prepared to make considerable investments in public safety and disaster relief infrastructure and capacity in response to events of natural or human agency. From hurricanes and floods to bio-terrorism,
2-1-1 call centers that already exist in communities, operating 24/7, are the logical platform for building emergency response communication capacity. In the wake of the hurricanes of 2004, Florida residents called
2-1-1 with a multitude of needs, including shelter, transportation, medical, food and water, construction materials, mental health, and questions about the availability of and application process for federal, state, and nonprofit assistance. 9-1-1 referred non-emergency calls to
2-1-1, freeing up 9-1-1 operators for life-and-death situations.

United Way of Oxford
 & Lafayette County

440 North Lamar #5

Oxford, MS 38655