How to Get Involved

Freshman Council

Freshman Council is a student led organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and representing the freshman class. It is comprised of approx. 50 incoming freshman that express interest as well as possess potential to be a leader on the campus. Freshman Council is a mentor-mentee based program where freshman learn to be effective not only as a student at the university but as well as a leader. Mentors and mentees will work alongside each other on community service projects, fundraisers and social events, while also building community outside of Freshman Council. See the link to the right to download an application today!

Transfer Leadership Organization

The Transfer Leadership Organization (TLO) at the University of Mississippi strives to provide a "bank of information" to prospective and current transfer students. This organization is also meant to serve as a link between transfer students and the entirety of the student body at the University of Mississippi. TLO will work with other organizations and administration in order to develop a better voice for transfer students.